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Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa : Christian experience

"The Christian religion or rather the missionaries that brought it behave like dictators they mistreated our people, humiliated them and they stole huge tracks of land from our people using the name of Jesus Christ," said Credo Mutwa 

One of the biggest missionary schools and one of the oldest missionary schools are found in Durban, Kwazulu Natal. Marian hill sits on huge tracks of land these tracks of land were stolen by missionaries from the Zulu people. 

Even today people from Marian hill will tell you that these missionaries were a dictator and criminals hiding under the name of Jesus.

The Christian missionaries stole most of the priceless African art that belonged to African kings and queens, all the artifacts were taken to the London museum" said Credo 


1. The missionaries established hospitals in the mission stations. And when an African is sent there sick or dead, the missionaries would tell the African there is a condition to his entering the hospital, he first needs to be baptized as a Christian, and also there was another condition for entering the hospital and receiving missionary treatment. The sick African had to surrender all artifacts from his ancestors that he had in his possession.

2." Those things you got in your home are full of evil spirits you must let me have them so I can take them to a London in a holy place where they will be destroyed," said the missionary.

3. Again and again our people were robbed of their heritage our people were robbed of scientific equipment our people were robbed of un-replaceable artifacts some of them dating hundreds of years by the missionaries, especially the London Society missionaries.

4. When missionaries came to South Africa they deliberately created a huge enmity between those blacks that they converted and the blacks that resisted Christian convention.

5. They created such a divide that broke huge families.

6. Black protesters were forbidden to talk to black Catholics.

7. Missionaries used to forbid any converted black Christian to do anything with a non-converted black.

8. Love relationships between black Christians and nonconverted blacks were forbidden.

The South African government has contributed to the growth of the missionaries that still convert our people even today.


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