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Literature Poetry

All living being narrate a story

As we we wake up every day starting a new day we are narrating a story about our lives.

There is something we don't know that we could write 100 of books about ourselves. Some of our stories could benefit someone out there and some could destroy a life.

As you can see my clip picture there is a woman who narrates a story to young ones.

It's depending from where you come from. Today 's youth does not understand the difficulties of life. They think that they should get whatever they need in a silver plate. They do not understand the hardship of life.

That is why they are making many mistakes in life. They are demanding too much and thought that all will just happen by a miracle.

If you are telling them that during your days, you were going to school with an empty stomach. They do not believe but the truth is whatever we are doing and what we are right now narrates your life story.

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