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These men are "Beaten by old men" to "Earn a Wife". See the culture of the Fulani

Fulani men beat their wives in order to obtain a wife. 

Africa is home to a diverse range of ethnic nationalities, each with their own distinct characteristics such as language, cuisine, greetings, and dances. There are a number of dominant cultural characteristics shared by all African peoples, which separate African culture from the rest of the world. Expressions of culture may be found in abundance throughout Africa, with significant quantities of cultural variation being found not only across different countries, but also inside individual countries itself. The governments of the majority of African countries support national dance and music organizations, as well as national museums and art galleries. 

Among other things, Africa is a magnificent continent that is blessed with thousands of wonderful cultures that include music, language, food, and other traditional customs, among other things. Surprisingly, some of these are well-known, while others are completely unknown. These ethnic communities have traditions that will shock some people and fascinate others. These traditions are practiced by these ethnic communities. 

A traditional cultural activity practised among the Fulani people of Nigeria known as "Sharo" is described as follows: These young Fulani males in Nigeria are competing against one another to find a wife. The participants are beaten with wooden sticks and canes in order to determine their physical power. It is fairly uncommon for males who are ready to marry to be prevented from approaching a prospective bride and popping the question in some portions of the Fulani community in Nigeria's northern region. 

Only flogging is practiced in the 'Sharo' culture. Throughout the duration of this exercise, a large group of people has assembled at a specific location to see the entire event. The groom is then beaten up by the elders of the village in order to put him through his paces and see how long he can last. If the groom is unable to take the anguish, the wedding is deemed to have been called off by the bride. A large number of young individuals from this tribe have died as a result of whipping. 

It has nevertheless dropped in recent years, with some Fulani men condemning the practice as hazardous and prohibited by Islam. There are several other dowry alternatives, including 'Koowgal,' which is a dowry payment option, and the 'Kabbal,' which is an Islamic ceremony similar to marriage but without the presence of the bride and groom. Koowgal is also an option for dowry payment. When the groom is unable to go through with the sharo, he can choose to speak with the bride's family about the possibility of a 'Kabbal' wedding. 

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