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Here are 4 Creepy NFTs that are being sold, and my interpretation of them. Opinion.

All of the NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) below will be released and sold as part of Magnums seventy fifth anniversary celebrations. The collection can be found on Foundation. However six more drops will take place over the next two weeks to July 12th. Each drop is a selection of images from Magnums Archive covering it's history for the 1940 till now. Below are a few NFTs that I have found particularly scary or creepy, followed by my interpretation of them.

While this image is meant to represent that different things come into perspective at different times in your life, I personally see it as something darker. To me it represents a shadow of ourselves or the dark parts of us, but those parts are not inanimate. Instead they have eyes and use those eyes to look at the life we are currently living, either with envy or disdain.

This NFT shows a Woman standing behind a picture. With the picture making up her body and only her head and arms visible. I find this scary because its such a true representation of real life. So often through social media and camera filters we show a fake version of our bodies online. Something we wish we could be but never are.

Unfortunately there's isn't really any deep interpretation to this one. However if I drove behind this on the road, seeing those terrifying masks, I would be very frightened.

While this image is more out of focus than anything else, I believe that that cat is being possessed by a being beyond our world. While it may just be my fantastical imagination. The fact that it's eyes are black does cement my belief.

What do you think of these observations and would you buy any of these NFTs. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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