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Here are five fascinating pictures of Shipwrecks, would you explore them. Opinion.

Ships are fascinating transportation vehicles, built for the sole purpose of transporting people or cargo over the ocean. However the ocean can be dangerous and there are many things that can cause a ship to sink to the bottom, sometimes taking lives with them. Below are five images of gorgeous and fascinating shipwrecks.

While this ship is completely submerged, we can clearly see that it did not sink far below the surface of the ocean. With light still being visible. Because of the shallow depth, it seems safe for divers such as the one pictured next to the ship to explore it.

While ships may sink below the surface, if they are in shallow water there entire structure may not go down. The image above is an example of that, with part of the ship submerged and part of it clearly visible. Hopefully this means that the people who were aboard it at the time of the sinking got out safely.

Unfortunately not all ships will end up at the bottom of the ocean in good condition, while the ship above is being explored by multiple divers, we can clearly see that it ended up leaning on its side.

The image above may be the strangest shipwreck I have ever come across, while it's completely submerged, it's also visible from above the water. This leaves me to assume that everyone who was on board when it sank got off safely as the water was so shallow.

Finally we can see this ship in what looks like clean and clear blue water, considering that it did sink, it actually still looks like it is in good condition and may he able to be recovered.

What do you think of these shipwrecks and would you explore one, tell us in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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