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A society of limitless possibilities.

I am blessed that l have the gift to write and a platform to showcase my writings therefore l will use this privilege to tell stories that inspire and educate .

Lately l have been noticing ignorance amongst us towards life threatening issues like gun violence , gender based violence , corruption and segregation.

Our society is no longer the same , it seems love has escaped from us. We have become so selfish and greedy , for as long as our hut is not burning we don't care. 

I am seeing many getting robbed on the streets in day light and the assailants simply run off with belongings as many look away , no one comes to your aid when they take your wallet , phone and purse away.

The same goes with violence against women and children , a man has the audacity to slap his wife in front of the kids , what message is he sending to these kids especially when they are boys? What is us as society doing when we experience such in daylight?

Mob justice is what we are quick to do but guys is it the solution? Are we instilling fear or teaching a lesson? Remember it is an illegal and barbaric act which proves that we cannot take the law into our own hands also violence does not solve the problems in many instances it makes it worse.

It's really worrying and disgusting how cold we are towards each other. When are we gonna realise we are for each other? If we do not take care of each other then who will ? Or perhaps we want an extraterrestrial presence to make us realise we are one?

There is a never a better time than now to speak truth to power and take the necessary ethical action to make our society better and safer. The present moment determines how tomorrow shall be , therefore the positive actions we do today produces positive results tomorrow.

Let's summon the spirit of unity , the spirit of togetherness most importantly let us be the change we need to see . 

Step by step , together . Impartial , open minded , free spirited and most definitely optimistic nothing can stop us , we are stronger and we will see the days where love reigns for it is the answer . 

A society filled with love generates a peaceful society , a forgiving society , an understanding society , an open minded society , a sober society most importantly a society that is accommodating of everyone. A democratic society.

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