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Mzanzi Is Not Happy With What Was Spotted On this Crèche Walls, See Photos


Before you take your children to a creche, first do all the necessary investigations into the institution to make sure that your child will get a quality education. There are some crèches that just take the money without quality foundations or education for children. They say a strong foundation is the key to a beautiful house. This also applies to education. For your child to excel at school, it should start at crèche.


People were left in stitches after what they spotted on the "Thandululo Pre School" walls. See the photos below:




They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but some covers tell you exactly what’s in the content. Instead of writing "Covid", the painter wrote "Covit". Instead of "Mask," he wrote "Musk" and instead of "Wash your hands correctly," he wrote "Wash your hands corretly." If this was a mistake, at least it should have been one mistake, not three.


It is evident that the crèche just employed a designer without checking his or her ability. What will happen to all the kids who will attend this crèche? It means that even the teachers are just employed without checking their ability.




Every crèche should first be investigated and approved by SABS to ensure the quality and fitness of it to admit kids because there are some crèches that don’t fit to be operating because they are tarnishing the name of departmental education. They also make it hard for children to excel in the foundation phase because they are taught the wrong things.



What are your thoughts on this? What do you think should be done about these crèches that teach children wrong things? Comment below.

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Mzanzi Thandululo


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