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Bridgerton a series about Love and Honour

Bridgerton is an American series inspired on a Novel by Julia Quinn. It pulls you in and explores honour, hardship, indignity, scandal, Romance, drama and comedy.

Daphne Bridgerton goes to a Mat in London because she is looking for a husband to marry. This is something that happens every year where a bunch of girls go there, more like arranged marriage but you get to choose your suiter. But before you go through this process you need to be approved by the Queen, only then you get to attend the Ball and meet all the suiters. There is a lot of plot twist , Daphne meets Simon who is referred as the Duke of Hastings and they both not interested in marriage but for Daphne it is more about finding someone she really likes not just for the sake of it. The Duke protects her by pretending to be courting her as a potential suiter until she finds someone she likes enough to marry because the Duke does not want to get married nor does he want kids because of his traumatic past. But like all the love stories they fall in love. The connection between Daphne and the Duke is so real, the way they looked at each other. their first dance was breath-taking.

The series has 8 episodes, the first four is about courting, flirting, and falling in love. and the last four episodes are about the hardship, fighting for each other and life after marriage.

unfortunately not all the love stories ended well but Marina found closure in knowing Sir George loved her. And Penelope put her reputation on the line to save her friend. Colin told marine had she told him the truth he would have loved her still. 

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