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Venda Women Are The Most Respectful Women In South Africa Even Zuma Once Said So - Opinion

The Bantu language Venda is sometimes called Luvenda and Tshivenda. It also has an interesting relation to the Niger and Congo languages. It is one of South Africa's eleven official languages. In the northern areas of Limpopo Province, there are millions of Tshivenda speakers. Those that speak Tshivenda come from a royal line and follow strict traditions relating to this connection.

The inhabitants of Venda dwell in the Limpopo province of Soutpansberg mountains in South Africa. They are the tiniest cultures in South Africa. In the spiritual realm, Venda culture is enshrined in its wood carvings, pottery and architectural art

The culture of Venda consists of a vibrant, legendary set of beliefs and the Venda believes that the lakes and rivers are sacred and that the Python god controls the rain

Views are symbols of prosperity in rural areas, and agriculture is a way of life. The duties of men and women include men responsible for livestock, plowing and huts, and the majority of women are collectors and other domestic chores. Polygamy is still popular and, because of the prosperity of agriculture, fewer men leave the area for mining than many other tribes. Consequently, traditional life is still quite untouched throughout the course of time

For their humility, their friendliness and how they deal with the old, Venda women are recognized to be the most revered women in South Africa. Even Zuma was once impressed by former President. When he met a venda woman for the first time, he said that he would marry a MuVendra woman if he were not already married. Jacob Zuma commended his VhaVenda for their courtesy. He referred to the method in which Venda ladies lying down greet each other

Do you agree with the most courteous ladies in selling? ....ling?

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