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Fiction: I Have Aborted 7 Times. I Am Looking For A Solution To Give Birth

You will undoubtedly pass judgment on me, but I deeply regret my previous errors. I promised myself that I would marry a virgin, but unfortunately, we all have our fantasies, as well as the reality of life. My parents were church leaders, and I grew up in a Christian home, but it didn't stop me from doing what I did.

In school, I was a pretty bright student. My grades were good, and I was also attractive. I excelled in both primary and secondary school. I lost my virginity after being accepted to the baccalaureate program. Because I couldn't calculate my cycle, I became pregnant, but I had an abortion immediately away; it was child's play.

I assumed that would be the first and only time, but because of my friendships, I plunged my soul into it. Good morals are corrupted by bad businesses. My buddies persuaded me to live a life that was not mine simply by talking to me. I honed my skills in the art of making love.

Each time, I lined up the men in bed in this manner. On average, I could field two per day without regret. I'd gotten to the point where I only dated married guys, and whenever I became pregnant, I suppressed it, aborting up to seven pregnancies.

Despite my debauchery, I met a wealthy man who was interested in me. He married me, and we've been married for five years. I haven't given birth yet, and my mother-in-law is trying to force a second wife on him due to a feud between my mother-in-law and me.

She frequently brings young women home to have s*x with. If I don't provide him descendants, my mother-in-law has threatened to sever my relationship with her son.

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