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'This is Not Photoshop, Check Out Fascinating Things You May Not Know About Maasai Tribe In Kenya

According to, the Maasai Tribe of Kenya is descended from northern Africa and migrated to the southern hemisphere during the 15th century. On their way south, they fought with many tribes and gained new cattle, and they even went so far as to take over their lands and property until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Some of their people and animals died as a result of severe depletion and many diseases that persisted for years. They eventually lost their abode to the Europeans, and as a result, they were forced to leave.

The East-African Massai tribe of Kenya has a culture that is highly peculiar, and their customs are occasionally contentious. Their tribe has produced one of the best warriors of all time, and their tribe is home to one of the greatest fighters of all time.

Here are some fascinating facts about their Tribe that you may not have known before.

1) They live in harmony with nature.

There are no defined habitats for the Maasai people; they live in game-reserved regions, which is why it is claimed that they coexist with wild animals. Because the tribe is fugitive, they have the option of moving to different locations and continuing their existence there indefinitely or relocating later.

They are always on the lookout for huge tracts of fertile land on which to settle for an extended period of time so that their cattle and sheep may graze.

2) They are among the world's tallest individuals, standing at over six feet tall.

It is no surprise that Maasai people are among the world's tallest people; they are always tall. Because of the high calcium content of the food they eat, they are among the tallest people on the African continent, as seen by their long arms and legs.

3) They are madly in love with cows.

Because they are cattle-ranchers, their entire way of life revolves on their cattle; they don't play games with their cattle, and cows happen to be the most precious item in their lives, as well as the most beneficial property they possess. Owning a large herd of cattle as a courageous warrior in the Maasai culture is a significant accomplishment, and it indicates that you are extremely wealthy.

4) Men are free to have as many wives as they choose.

They believe that the quantity of livestock and children owned by each man is an indication of his wealth, and that their males can have as many marriages as they desire in order to have more offspring. A bride in the Massai culture is purchased with cows before to marriage; another requirement is that each lady build a dwelling for herself and her offspring. The first woman is the most important of them all, and she builds her house closer to her husband's home.

5) Eat Raw Meat and Blood from the Animals.

Raw milk, raw meat, and raw cow blood are the staple foods of the Maasai, who also consume raw cow blood on special occasions. They drink it fresh and unadulterated, or they combine it with milk, at exceptional ceremonies or when they are feeling under the weather.

You see why they don't play jokes on cows, don't you? Almost everything they eat comes from cows, and they consume it in its natural state.

6) Their homes are constructed entirely of human urine and cow feces.

Because the Maasai are nomadic, their huts are not necessarily permanent. They may stay in one location for months or years at a time, depending on how rich the soil is and how much food and water they can obtain in the area. It is their women that construct the huts out of dirt, grasses, ash, cow poo, human urine, and sticks; the cow poo is always required for the construction of the roof in order to prevent water from entering their dwelling.

7) Their warriors are capable at hunting lions.

The Maasai relish the opportunity to hunt lions, believing it to be one of the most courageous things a fighter can do in their tribe. Achieving the subjective goal of hunting down a lion has been a belief of theirs from the beginning of time.

The Jumping Festival

One of the most important aspects of their culture is the jumping festival, and while you may assume they are using a charm or photoshop to achieve such incredible heights, the fact is that they are actually jumping for real, and they use it to identify courageous warriors and attract new wives..

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