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The Kenyan Lady Shares More Of her Funny Pictures On Twitter - 'So hilarious'

All the way from Kenya she decided to build a name for herself by creating beautiful photographic artistry. At the end of this article I will upload some of her latest pictures which she recently posted on twitter and also on her Instagram account. (Please Read until the end)


She left everyone surprised when she first introduced her creative work on social media. This is the power of Miniature photography, her work has the power to speak for itself, It never ceases to amaze people. It can completely change or lighten up your whole mood if whenever you're sad or having a long day. 'These pictures will lighten up your whole mood'


Women have proven themselves worthy and can be creative too if given a chance. Smart and and also innovative these days. I feel like we, as men, must accept the fact that women are cable of doing great things, more than we can ever care to imagine. Motive: We wrote this article for you and shared some of her pictures to lighten up your mood, or perhaps even make you laugh.


This beautiful young lady is originally from Kenya and she's famously known as @minicheps on all media platforms. Hit her up on twitter or Instagram if you wish to explore more of her creative work of Miniature photography. Most people were not aware that such photography existed until she came along and shared her outstanding work.


When kids hit one year old, it's like hanging out with a miniature drunk. People have a real love of looking at small worlds - something inside them is innately attracted to that 'miniature' realm. One man is equivalent to all Creation.

Miniature photography is a unique & creative way of photography in which photo taken in such a way so that location and subject look like miniature.

Here are some of the best pictures she recently shared on twitter:

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Kenya Kenyan


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