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From Venda, Zulu, Tsonga and Xhosa, which culture has the most beautiful attire? See Pictures



07 October 2021

There is no country that is blessed in Africa like South Africa, with more than 9 different cultures, more than 9 different languages and different ways of living but one people.

In this article, i have mentioned 4 different cultures with thier what they wear, their language and some of the things you didn't know about them.

1. Venda Culture

The most beautiful people that are found in a small province called Limpopo and a very small village called Venda. In order to pay them a decent and nice respect, they like to be called Vhavenda which deliver them to their forefathers.

They wear their own dresses made by a fabric called "Nwenda" and we have Shedo that is commonly worn by boys or men basically. They don't just wear these things but when they are having a function like Domba, Musevhetho and males initiation.

2. Tsonga culture

Second best culture in Limpopo province too. Limpopo has many cultures and beautiful too.

Tsonga people wears chibelane which cost more than R2 000 per iteam. They mostly wear it when having function like weddings and family reunion functions. Tsonga nation is a very humble people that loves Sharing good memories with other people.

Tsonga food include Tihove, tshopi, and vuswa. Apart from termites, Vatsonga people also eat worms. Specifically, the Mopani worms that are fried for an outstanding indigenous taste.

3. Zulu people

Before we forget, we have a beautiful a excellent culture from Zululand.

They mostly wear their traditional clothes made of animals skins which is very durable.

It's either they use cow's skin or goat's skin to produce their traditional clothes. They even have shed to protect themselves incase there's a war but they literally use them when holding their functions.

Without being biased, this article is made to educate and show you how beautiful South African people looks when wearing their traditional clothes.

BuzzOffUpdates24/7 would like to thank you all for reading this article and we wish you could comment with your views.

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