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FACT || Lesser Jail Sentence For Reading Novels In Prison

Some countries offer their inmates in its crowded prison systems another way to shorten their prison sentence.

Prisoners are offered a way to shorten their prison sentence by reading a novel. Yes you heard it right. Apparently reading can get you a reduced sentence.

In countries like Brazil, inmates in Federal prisons that's holds the most dangerous and notorious criminals will be allowed to read up to 12 works of literature, philosophy, science or classics to get the reduced maximum of 48days off their prison sentence each year.

The prisoners are given up to 4 weeks to read each book and after reading, the prisoners are required to write an essay and the following should be kept in mind " Be free of corrections, make correct use of paragraphs, use margins and legible joined up writing".

Not every inmate is eligible to participate in the program that is dubbed " Redemption Through Reading". A special panel is placed to

decide which inmates are eligible to participate.

A Sao Paulo lawyer, Andre Kehdi who heads a book donations project for the prisons said " A person can leave prison more enlightened an with an enlarged vision of the world."

"Without a doubt the prisoners leave the prison to be better when released." He added.

Shortly after UK banned friends and family from sending books to prisoners. Italy legalised the "Redemption Through Reading" initiative.

The more the prisoners read the more time gets reduced on their prison sentence. Comic books don't count.

The same as Brazil, Italian prisoners can only earn a maximum of 48 days off a year for reading books. According to the wards, that is equivalent to 16 books and have to be above 400 pages and the books need to be approved by the prison staff first.

So readers, what do you think think about this initiative? would it work if introduced in South Africa?

Content created and supplied by: TaymarNgozi (via Opera News )

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