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The letter purported to be authored by Mr Pallo Jordan is said to be an act of forgery

According to TIMESLIVE, it is said that Jordan said "I did not, repeat, not write any such open letter this is a forgery whose authorship is unclear, but with the clear purpose of bringing the ANC and myself into disrepute. I'm relieved that the open letter, in response to the article by Madame Lindiwe Sisulu purported to be authored by Mr Pallo Jordan, is said to be an act of forgery. I actually read the letter until the point where it ascribed the quote by Malcolm X to Martin Luther King Jr. I suspected something was not right here, and that's why I didn't respond, I hold Pallo Jordan in high esteem and in my view, would never make such a glaring intellectual mistake. Those mistakes are the preserve of us, who are still in the process of intellectual development. I'm now glad the struggle within me is finally over

It was Malcolm X who actually described the difference between a house Negro and a field Negro, the house Negro, Malcolm X described as this fellow who loved his master more than he loved himself. When the master's house was on right, he'll fight harder than his master would. Whe the master is sick he'll say what's the matter boss, are we sick. And the field Negro was a revolutionary he was the type which, when the master's house was on fire he will pray for the wind to blow and when the master is sick he'll pray that he dies. I was a bit surprised myself in reading it with certain, not linguistic errors but ideological suicidal inferencies. Just imagine how angry is the enemy, they are pulling all the tricks even stroking the sleeping ancestors. In this country we see all sorts of drama each and every day, who would have printed the letter ?

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