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You Should Never Believe What You See on Social Media

Photography has altered the way we capture life and pass down memories from one generation to the next since the introduction of the first camera in 1826. Photography has developed from a tool for documenting moments to a kind of art in its own right during the previous two centuries. We'll take a tour through the extraordinary abilities and imagination of many brilliant photographers in this article. We guarantee that after seeing these photos and the "behind the scenes," you will never look at photos on social media in the same way again.

1. What about the dancing couple?

Everyone has that one buddy that always updates their Instagram feed with interesting outdoor photographs from their lives, making us look like couch potatoes. Here's an example of a classic "had a great day in the park with my boyfriend" photo.

On the surface, it appears that the photo was taken by the boyfriend and that there is nothing more to it. But wait...behind who's the lens?! To keep his equilibrium, the poor boyfriend had to go barefoot.

2. How about an Audi Sport car?

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez, a great photographer, is working his magic with his excellent photos! You'd be mistaken if you thought a commercial shot necessitated driving an extended Audi Sports cart all the way to the Accona Desert.

You don't even need to be able to drive. To recreate this image, all you need is a toy car, some stones, a white glossy surface dusted with powder, and incredible photography abilities.

3. Small-town America in the 1950s?

While we're on the subject of toy automobiles, have a look at some of Michael Paul Smith's incredible work. At first sight, this appears to be a well-retouched photograph of a little American village from the 1950s.

You like the shot much more when you understand that this talented photographer not only uses miniature automobiles, but also employs smart photographic techniques to combine real-world elements into the tiny set props.

4. Is there anything more perfect than a straight out of the pan food shot?

When you look at food images in commercials, you'll notice that they're frequently showing sizzling, juicy, and fresh-looking food. Is it, however, true? Consider how difficult it would be to get a great shot of the food just after it was removed from the pan!

We can see in this image that you don't always need that one ideal shot. You can take numerous images with this ingenious hand steamer approach and pick the best one later.

6. How about that beach life?

We don't think this person is a fantastic photographer in this situation.... But wait, there's more! Thank you for your time and effort, as well as your ingenuity. After all, he's wearing some pretty amazing bathing trunks there!

We're guessing the caption for this Instagram photo was something along the lines of "That beach life." This image also serves as a good reminder that not everything you see on social media is as it appears.

5. Didn't the sun just fall just right on this one?

When we look at this wonderful photograph, we can remark to ourselves, "the sun just fell perfectly on this one!" But it didn't; it's simply the lighting. Not that it detracts from the overall picture.

In reality, it just adds to the overall worth of the image. This image exemplifies the level of artistry involved in strobe light photography. We applaud the photographer and believe this photograph is near-perfect!

7. Is the girl in the sea?

This image is another excellent illustration of how to blend in with one's surroundings. The girl is in a pool with the ocean behind her, and the boat is in the distance. You'd never guess that based on the photo!

Another thing we can learn from "behind the scenes" is that you don't need a high-end waterproof camera housing to get outstanding underwater images. A simple clear plastic bag secured with strong rubber bands might suffice.

8. Is it true that all of this was created in Photoshop?

No, none of this was created in Photoshop. This accomplished photographer was well-versed in his craft! He used miniature models to replicate photography moments from Star Wars films, which he brought to life in his own home studio.

This is the outcome of some Photoshop retouching and creative positioning of the figures against a backdrop light. Remember that the next time you see some graphic art, photography could be the underlying underpinning for it all.

9. Do you want to do a photo shoot for a magazine?

This guy is modeling a clothes range for a luxury magazine photoshoot... Don't be deceived by what you see, just as you shouldn't be fooled by what you see in the previous cases. He hasn't even taken a seat!

You can get a great image with an Instagram black and white filter, a concrete ATM booth, no chair, and just a make-believe sophisticated stare into the distance! You'll need a watch to make it look even finer, something we failed to mention.

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