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Photos Of A Talented Simon Rieber Who Uses His Illustration Skill To Draw An Amazing Art

Take a look these photos of a talented boy who use his Illustration skills to drawing an amazing art.

A man identified on Instagram as @simonrieber is using his photo-editing skills to create an fantastic artwork. When you look at the pictures he has drawing, you will almost certainly have a smile on your face his for his unique Illustration.

He is just expressing himself via his imagination in order to communicate a variety of life stories; Every single one of the photos he drawing said a thousand words for itself.

His inspiration is mostly by nature and animals. He explains that through art, he is able to exhibit his feeling in drawings.

"I am inspired by seeing what other artists have drawn or painted. I'm also extremely inspired by nature and animals. I really like to draw because i can show my feelings in my drawings. Many people ask me who taught me how to draw but i tell them that it is just inspiration and it runs in my family" Simon said

In addition to nature, Simon also does amazing celebrity art- and displays each of his masterpieces on his social media. A look at his Instagram page prove the massive in-born talented that Simon has.

Below are more photos of Simon's breath-talking pieces of art.

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Simon Rieber


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