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"Police are not useful to me"

Women in South Africa are living the hardest life anxiety might send them to an early grave. The cases of women and children abuse keep on rising on a daily basis. According to the report, the cases of women and children abuse have started to spiral out of control in level five of the country lockdown.

Yesterday, a lady who is clearly sick and tired of the South African police took to Twitter to put the police on blast. According to this lady herself, she has been the victim of domestic abuse for months and she has been reporting every time her man beat her up but guess what? the police just give her a cold shoulder.

The story of this woman has disappointed the fallow south Africans because the situation of this woman could escalate into something really awful. Another sad news, it happened again in Umthwalume. Another body of a female was found in the bushes, there in Umtwaliume near the Boxer supermarket.

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