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Unemployed female teacher exposed herself to sexual exploitation in exchange for teaching post.

TEACHING Service Commission (TSC) Chairman Simanga Mamba has described an unemployed female teacher who exposed herself to sexual exploitation in exchange for a teaching post and landed in bed with the commision’s official as a heroine and brave.

Mamba has in fact invited any teacher who has been made to pay for a job, promotion, transfer and someone in the unemployed teacher’s position to report such cases privately to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) which will investigate and bring to book all offenders.

He said for a long time, people could not differentiate between the commission and TSC Secretariat.

“The TSC has always had challenges that were reported and when one followed them, you discover that they were with the secretariat. Unfortunately, as I stated before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) last week, the TSC Secretariat is not employed by the commission and we don’t have control over the staff. They are hired by the ministry of education and training and we don’t have control over them. We would like a situation where we would recruit for ourselves the secretariat, the same way it is for the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) and Civil Service Commission (CSC),” Mamba stated.

He urged the unemployed teacher to report and pursue her matter with the ACC, so that justice can be served.

“Emaswati don’t deserve this kind of treatment. They deserve better. We must fight this demon – corruption, and as a commission we urge anyone who has been exposed to such illegal activities to report it,” he said.

Mamba said they get a lot of reports which suggest that things are not right, and this is the time to report and expose all elements of corruption.

He said the solution lay with the commission taking charge of the administration of the secretariat.

Mamba said at the moment, their job was to deal with the agenda set by administration.

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