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Fidelity guard shot dead at Southernwood Spar

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There was a shootout at Southernwood spar in East London. Three perpetrators entered the store and shot at a fidelity guard as he was packing something like a briefcase in a trolley, by the time he pulled out his gun to defend himself it was too late. They took the briefcase and his gun then they flee. People on Twitter are saying that we need a death penalty in this country. Why should the state take responsibility for a life of someone who never regards the sanctity of someone else's life? Why must our tax money be used to imprison people like this? When that money could be used to the poor of this country. Someone replied that what you're asking for is the slaughter of black men. Look at prison stats? This is a complex issue, and the death penalty doesn't solve anything.

Someone added that the man is dead because his gun wasn't racked. Did u see that? He still had to rack his weapon before shooting. Or am I mistaken? Someone replied that I saw that too. Maybe its because they have been doing this for long without such incidents. People turn to relax and forget little basics that can save their lives. Looking at this these guys knew their routine and its somehow personal because they followed the other guy.

It was also mentioned that never ever die for imali which is not yours if the robbers ask for money give them it’s better to save yourself that to die for someone’s else money. Someone added that but in this case it looks like they weren’t given any chance to negotiate for life, these amateurs just wanted to kill these security guards, he even chase the security that is already without weapon ,being robbed is scary and dangerous but being robbed by a clueless person is even worse.

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