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Student sold 84 cows to buy a Lamborghini, Family shamed!

Ekurhuleni West College student left his family in shame after selling all the family cows to only buy a car. A source said earlier at the gathering that they noticed that cows were not present the following day. Police were informed of this matter, they thought maybe an outsider had stole their cows. The family was in distress.

When their first born came home driving a beautiful Lamborghini (car) left them to wonder who the owner of the car is. Mr Smith told the insider that he asked who the owner of the car was and that his son potently replied that it was his. The parents were infuriated, said the insider. At that moment they knew the cows were not taken by any stranger but their own flash and blood.

The police were informed at sight about the matter, and came running to take the boy for questioning. As precarious it may sound, the Detective gave the statement to the public as because there were members of the community to see what was going. '' sorry for the most confusion, the boy vigorously confessed to taking and selling of the cows''said the detective.

After hearing all that the crowd dispersed. Others were looking at the parents like they raised an insane person of sort. As cunning it may sound, the police asked if they should lock him up or not. The parents gave an anticipated answer, '' he might have sold those cows and left us in shame, but still he is our son. We do not open a case.''

Now they are looking for anyone to buy the car. If interested go to Mpumalanga, Bushbuckridge in ORINOCO. Or kindly contact +27792583097

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Ekurhuleni West College Lamborghini


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