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Colorado police seek woman who reportedly attacked a 12-year-old boy over his pro-Trump sign

He was riding his bike at that point 

Police in Boulder, Colorado, said they are looking for a lady who purportedly ambushed a 12-year-old over his sign supporting President Donald Trump

The episode unfurled on Monday at around 3 p.m. as indicated by a police report. 

The kid, who was left unidentified, was riding his bicycle with a supportive of Trump sign when he says that a lady riding on a sulked passed him and afterward took a u-turn so as to stand up to him about the sign. 

Stone police representative Shannon Aulabaugh said the lady told the kid, "you need something to take a gander at?" or something comparable before she punched him. 

Aulabaugh said the lady hit the kid with her shut clench hand on his head, and give him a few additional blows. She likewise scratched him after he tumbled to the ground. 

The kid told the police that the lady endeavored to take his sign however that she was fruitless. 

Stone police are looking for a white lady in her twenties or thirties. She was wearing a blue shirt, Levis and a tan coat at the hour of the supposed assault. Her sulked was shaded blue or dark. 

The kid disclosed to Denver7 News that it wasn't the first occasion when he had been assault for demonstrating his help for the president, yet that it was the first occasion when he had been assaulted by a grown-up. 

"I like demonstrating what I trust in," he said. "I didn't need any contention – I simply needed to show what I trust in." 

He said that he was hesitant to show his help for Trump due to the alarming episode. His dad added that he needed to squeeze charges against the lady on the off chance that she is distinguished by the police.

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