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No man is allowed to live in this village

Umoja village in Kenya is only occupied by women, their children and livestock. No man is allowed to live in the village.

The women who live in Umoja Village, Kenya are victims of domestic and emotional abuse. It's a healing place for them. They engage in activities that help them heal from the maltreatment they faced from their abusive husbands and fathers.

Pu Mahuku said: "Some have husbands or lovers. They go visit them but they can’t stay with them. These Samburu women started this village bc it was common place for men to abuse and murder women and also female genital mutilation was common so they wanted to distance themselves."

Tshidi said: "This village was founded in 1990 by a group of 15 women who were survivors of rape by by local British soldiers."

Kenyan said: "In addition the village serves as a rescue place for women running away from domestic violence from surrounding areas, abandoned children and orphaned ones and men are allowed to visit but not stay only men raised in the village can stay or sleep."

Mma said: "There's a village like this in Cross River, I'm not sure if they are still in existence, their dialect is also slightly different from the male version. More like a community were males live in separate groups."

Oluguneru said: "This place was created in 1990 to protect women who have been abused. They do not believe that women are subordinate."

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