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UIF Funds of R 4.6 million seized from fraudulent grandfather

Covid-19 has exposed just how much the citizens of this country are starving or purely greedy. Whether you are a Minister, a Civil Servant, a Pensioner or a relative of any of these people, greed primarily prevails. The millions of Rands that have been fraudulently embezzled by these citizens all over South Africa blows everyone’s minds. Strangers would think corruption is permitted in this country, it’s the way of life because everyone thinks they can steal the government’s funds and get away with it. News 24 has just reported that a 62 year old pensioner from Hammanskraal has been arrested for allegedly stealing R 4.7 million from Covid-19 UIF Fund. The pensioner didn’t disclose that he had received a lump-sum and he was arrested with R 4.6 million, he had previously been employed by the company that paid him and used the same reference number to claim UIF’s Covid-19 Temporary Employer/Employee Scheme. Upon receiving the money he used R100 000 for his needs. This lump-sum paid to the man was for the employees of the company, but it was redirected to his account. The grandfather is under investigation.

“Pensioners are supposed to be role models for their children and grandchildren. Without suggesting guilt on the suspect, the behaviour in this manner suggests a bad role model”, said Lebeya.

In South Africa there aren’t any role models, the fish begins to rot from the head and goes all the way down. 

Open link.

Tata ma chance: Pensioner arrested for allegedly stealing R4.7m Covid-19 relief money

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