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Theft robbery

Watch : CIT robbers gun down security guards and flee with the cash.

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The video footage shows a Cash-in-transit robbery that took place in Southernwood spar in East London. The suspects can be seen blending in with the patrons of the store and move under the radar of the security team.

The suspects, who seems to be three ate seen drawing their pistols as soon as they saw the security guard transferring the money into a trolley in order to make it easy for them to push it.

The perpetrators then fire their weapons at the security guards at point blank, it is very clear at the moment that they outnumber and outgun them.

The other Fidelity security guard who saw that it was a losing battle to fight the robbers, quickly dropped his service pistol and took off running into the store for shelter, leaving his fellow workmate behind to be gunned down and killed.

The security guard who was transferring the funds was gunned down, he took several bullets that hit him and from the looks of it he didn’t make it.

The suspects then took the cash and fled, but not before another of their accomplice showed up to join them, it seemed like he went to shoot the other security guard.

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