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Orange Farm Residents Unite for Fighting Crime

The Orange Farm Community and some of the local political leaders can't stand seeing their sisters, brothers, neighbours, parents and siblings raped and murdered. On the 23 of September 2020 the youth and the community of Orange Farm United and marched peaceful to their police station as they are not satisfied with the amount of work done by the police as the crime increased rapidly, kids being kidnapped and killed every day.

With all the proof of videos and post everyday of people going missing, being killed and trafficked the South African Minister of the Police said that human trafficking might be for publicity. As kidnapping cases are increasing in Orange Farm the community from Extension 4 were alerted of another attempted kidnapping of a four year old. The suspect ran and disappeared into a nearby swamp when the community came to the rescue chasing him.

"it's not safe for kids to walk alone now, parents should walk their kids to school and fetch them after school," said Lena.

"We living in fear now because these killers leave letters on the kids after killing them, how are we supposed to live in such a place where they kill kids like animals," said community member.

"It seems like the community is the one doing the police work this is not fair at all these people should do their job and stop being lazy," said community member.

The community on their march demand for more police visibility, reopening of murder cases that are unresolved and that police should stop telling people to wait for 24 hours to report a missing person.

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