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Theft robbery

Old Man(76) got robbed

Date: Jul 5, 2020

Old man Got robbed at his own house gate

The impact of alcohol has got an old drunk man(76) robbed in front of his house gate  

On the 03 of June 2020 the date where the old man has received his social grant of R2100 which R1800 according to his statement was robbed 

On 03 July 2020 about 21:00pm an old man were returning from the tarven drunk on his way home where two young man grabbed him in front of his house and threatening him with a sharp object to stop struggling. after some time Four young man found the old man and ask -what happened cause he was crying "call the police"

Then the old man told the four young man that he got robbed of R1800 and the two were running that way, they can see the two man running in distance but its hard to identity them due to darkness, as the four man try to run after them they disappeared in the darkness,

The 4 Young man were returning to the old man try to call police but they don't know who to suspect as the town has many similar robbery cases and most of the man that robs is the unemployed young man who is addicted to drug's ,can't afford it now they steal and rob.

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Old Man(


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