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Here are Some of the Corrupt Conducts by the South African Police.(opinion)

The Society Group Corruption watch has published a list of corrupt activities that has been going on including at the time of the lockdown.

The Group has published a number of corruption trends from various department of the government including the traffic and licensing centre and the police.

Let's start with the police, the south African Police Service

The corruption watch on the conduct of the police reports this types of corruptions by the police:


which accounted for 31% of the police corruption, in this types of corruption the police will demand bribes from suspects who have done crime and also from victims of crime. This include also small businesses and the public. The bribery is obviously to let criminals to operate Scot free

Another form of corruption by the police is seizing goods for informal traders and returning them back if they are able to pay the money asked by the police.

In some instances the police would tell the public members that they have the power to make their life very miserable if they are not willing to pay them.

The police also got involved in selling banned products like alcohol and authorised illegal business to trade at the time of the lockdown, when alcohol was not allowed.

The acts of corruption by the Corruption watch group shows that licensing centres don't issue licenses without demanding money from prospective drivers.

Thank you for reading.

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