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Theft robbery

Theft suspect calls his political friends to back him up after he was confronted by employees.

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Viljoenskroon business employees confront suspect trying to steal from their shop, the suspect then walks out and comes back with political friends. It is not clear how he was caught attempting to steal but he is heard shooting at the employees for accusing him of theft, he further tells the man that he’s a security officer he can not do anything. 

The woman replies and says this is a police officer, then the suspect goes on to say the f word and tell them that him and his crew will vandalize that shop.

He tells them that they don’t know him, even his friends are also backing him up as he’s insulting the employees. He is seen pushing the man who he’s calling a security guard, telling him that he is not scared of him while hitting him in the chest.

The woman is heard trying to stop the guy but he seems to be too aggravated to even listen to anyone, he even left the shop after promising to come back and vandalize.

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