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Theft robbery

"They stole my money when I was in the hospital" Moonchild claims.

Moochild is really blessed and have a great career that keeps her alive. We cannot deny the fact that she keeps a real vibe in a song. Right after a feature with Beyoncé Moonchild experienced the worst. It turns out that she was supposedly admitted to Hospital for health reasons of course. During such a distress guess who backstabbed her?


Her management, it was really absurd and disturbing for her to discover that her management allegedly stole money from her.

"I have a UK bank account , they stole my money, they know themselves, they even took me to court But i won the case haha "

She said this on an interview with Pearl Thusi on Behind The Story. But that did not stop her from growing she is indeed a growing brand. Even though she faced defamation as an offence she conquered. She now has a new management that seems to be effective and well trusted , we hope that the relationship between the two parties doesn't end soon on bad terms too.

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