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Video| Lesufi is asked to help as a girl is beaten up by other learner

Nduna @Lesufi please can't just stretch an arm and the leg to find relevant people who can locate this area and assist the victim.. If there's someoe who can help I know it's you. This is so sad.

Kids who where watching instead of stop that girl annoy me especially boys... How could they let her beat the girl like taht. I really hate bullying. What did you want the boys to do? Beat the bully? Because I saw them trying to restrain her. Shooting the video IMO is the best.

In my opinion they're complicity to this assault, learners need to be taught that someone can die while they're busy filming a clip. when they end up manhandling the girl amd she screams GBV? are you gonna help them out? i know i wouldnt enter any physical altercation cz with that girl id have to use excessive force to restrain her and could be misinterpreted as GBV .hold the culprit responsblfor her actions!

Those are the very same boys who will grow up to smoke nyaope and rape women/children ' it all begins at home lawless parents disgusted i couldn't finish it.

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