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Five years after being wrongfully imprisoned, a man comes home to find his wife pregnant.

A South African man who was wrongfully imprisoned for about 5 years came home to find his wife pregnant.Is painful being arrested for something you have never done. This is a story that happened to 35 years Salome Mokone from South Africa.

Salome worked as a brick layer and often he worked far from home.He worked with 6 guys,when one was tired he would sleep and the others will continue working.They changed turns until one day something happened while he was on his sleep break.He woke up to find that all the six guys have vanished with all the company equipments.

He didn't know were his colleagues live,he was arrested and pressured to confess to working with them and to take them were they stay.Unfortunately when he said he didn't know anything they charged him with theft and was sentenced to 15 years.During his time serving his term,the police never stopped looking for the other culprits.

5 years across the line the police found the 6 guys and that was when they found out they arrested a wrong guy all along.Salome's charges were dropped and he was released.He never expected to find what he did.His wife of 10 years was pregnant with Salome's brother's baby.Since marriage came to an end,his soul was scattered.

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