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Alleged drunk tenants seen pointing firearms at each other inside the building in Joubert park.

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The video shows alleged drunk tenants pointing at each other with firearms, the two tenants inside the elevator are seen trying to evade the incident by getting inside the elevator and going home while the one outside who is positively armed is seen pointing at them with the firearm and blocking the elevator from closing until they had no choice but to evacuate.

It is reported that SAPS were alerted about the incident and went to the building by Joubert park, it is not known what the alleged drunkards are doing in the passages because they were captured by the elevator’s camera. It is not clear what the fight is about either, they are just seen pointing at each other but cannot be heard.  The incident happened on the 28th of September 2020 around 7am.



Some people are assuming that the firearms being used are not licenced and therefore police should seize them especially because they using them in an argument, some say it’s not safe to carry a firearm when you drunk.  

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