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Theft robbery

Employees confront a theft suspect then he calls his friends and threatens to vandalize the shop.

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Business employees in Viljoenskroon confronted a suspect after attempting theft, after the confrontation he walked out of the business premises and came back with his friends to back him up. He then started threatening the business owners saying he will vandalize their shop, he’s not scared of anyone including the man who is said to be a police officer. He further hits that man's chest and tells him that he’s just a security guard, he can’t do anything.

This act infuriated some people as to why someone would act like that.

A person on twitter said shops must put up signs written “Right of admission reserved, no EFF thugs and no domestic terrorists allowed.” 

The person went on to say that they should let them run off to the SAHR commission to complain and finally get some form of action from them.

In response:

“And you don’t think a sign like that will just provoke these terrorists even more to deliberately come for the shop? Do you know how it feels when an ass in SADF uniform behaves like this in your store. All you want is to smack the devil out of him, but you know what follows.”

“Well it’s one way of getting the message out when those organizations supposed to protect all citizens fails to do so. Time for talking has long passed, it’s time to take action. We must protect ourselves against these violent and criminal thugs, they carry on unabated.”

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