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Convicted Criminal Gets Life Sentence For Murder Of Mom On Maternity Leave

Sizwe Jika, 28, was given the most extreme sentence in the Port Elizabeth High Court on Thursday, just as 15 years for exasperated burglary, five years for robbery, and 35 years for eight different thefts submitted among March and September 2018. 

He was additionally condemned a year for having illicit ammo. 

Police representative Colonel Priscilla Naidu said Bain had defied Jika after he entered her Shabani Road home in Brymore on 25 July 2018. 

"He overwhelmed her and cut her on numerous occasions before taking her wedding band off her finger," she said. 

"While scrounging through the house, Jika was amazed by the presence of Christopher Bonus, Bain's life partner, who had gotten back home for lunch. A battle resulted between the two men and Jika figured out how to get away." 

Bain passed on at the scene. 

As per the PE Express, Bain's child had been resting at that point. 

Jika and another man had been captured in September 2018 in the Charlo region when he was unable to represent their essence in the thievery hotspot, the distribution revealed. 

While his fingerprints were being checked at the police headquarters, he bounced through an open window and got away. 

He was captured the following month in Aliwal North. 

Naidu said Jika is at present carrying out a 20-year punishment for the homicide of Anne Smit, 86, who was slaughtered in May 2018 at her home in Kamma Park. 

"He is likewise carrying out a 16-year punishment for six housebreaking cases submitted between January 2011 and July 2018 in the metro." 

He was condemned for Smit's homicide and the robberies in June. 

His sentences will run simultaneously with the lifelong incarceration. 

"Jika is yet to show up in court for another homicide which occurred in May 2018 in Summerstrand where Anne Ferreira, 83, was discovered choked and killed," Naidu said. 

Commonplace police magistrate Lieutenant General Liziwe Ntshinga said obviously Jika, "has no regard for human life" and had assaulted weak ladies.


"To perpetrate such grievous violations in a space of a quarter of a year shows that he needs feeling and is a relentless and savage lawbreaker."

Content created and supplied by: MrMHMahori (via Opera News )

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