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LAINGVILLE: Mom Pleads With Cops Not To Shoot!

LAINGVILLE, hands in the air - as one does in a war zone - she met the cops to inform them, those same hands are now swinging in the air of despair, for her sunshine child with the beautiful smile is dead.

The July 31 date is etched in Cathy Thomas' memory forever, not only was it the day the fishing community was in turmoil in protests over housing.

It was the day when a bullet, allegedly from a firearm of a member of the police's public order unit (Pops), hit her foster child Leo Williams (9) in the head. He sat in their house with his uncle Angus Thomas and watched TV.

Leo was certainly blissfully unaware of the drama that was playing out outside. What could be nicer for a child than sitting in front of the TV?

But it was a bullet that landed him in a pool of blood right there and fought bravely for his life in the Red Cross Children's Hospital for almost three weeks.

Towel certainly did not throw in the brave klonkie, but it was a battle he had to give up on Monday when the machines that kept him alive were switched off, Cathy is angry. Who can blame her too? after all, eight bullets pierced the zinc box in which they live.

A sad Cathy told Son yesterday that on the day of the shooting, the cops started shooting blindly in the streets, She says when she pleaded with the cops, they rather cursed at her.

She says: “I came out and asked them to please stop shooting because there are children playing outside.

"It was barely 10 minutes later, when my son's friend came and told me Leo had been shot. When I got there, I was very calm and talked to Leo.

According to the mom, she asked them to call the ambulance, her son went to the hospital together and she was later picked up.

She says when she got to the hospital, she could see in the doctor's eyes it was serious, the doctor recommended that Leo go for a scan because he was very hurt, she says.

Cathy says the day he was hooked up to machines at the Red Cross Children's Hospital, he moved his body and back on the day the machines were turned off.

She says the way Leo died makes her furious. She believes his killer will be identified when the bullet is taken out of his head.

Thyrone Williams, a community leader and the family's spokesperson, says they will bring a civil claim against the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele. He says the situation in Laingville is currently explosive and he does not know what will happen after Leo is buried.

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