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See How Nontle Will Lose Her Case after Doing This👇.

Nontle Majola is a fighter, a young determined girl who always want to see the change in the Nation, but she always lose her battles because of a few unfinished business.

Again Nontle wll lose this one because of one thing which is, failing to control herself. One last time Nontle lost to the Minister Nkaba just because of the allegations Nontle once laid to her father Tau. It was painful for her afte she lost everything whilist they warned her a lot. Even now Nontle was warned and told to quit by her Mother but she resisted. The ministers can't get rest trying to get the bad side of her, unluckly Ms Majola will create one.

Nontle's relationships with Tamryn will cause a bigger issue. After these two getting too close and don't forget it that Tamryn is a girl and again a lesbain, She does both. After Nontle was so hurt in love still she will look for green pastures somewhere, And this is introduction to being a lesbain.

Nontle Majola currently falls for Tamryn and like wise she does. Nontle nearly kissed Tamryn yesterday and she will indeed do it in the future. Nontle will make a wrong move when she just kiss and sleep with Tamryn. It is either she will in public where the Journalists will take a pic or she will in her room where Tamryn will take a pic and post.

This will open the doors for ministers and Journalists to fight Nontle. The prisoner will be left in jail without being released whole Nontle struggles with her life outside.

Will Ayanda Be Happy About This?

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