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The number of people who want to commit suicide keeps increasing

Did you know September is Suicide Prevention month?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says; "According to our reasearch; more than 800 000 people commit suicide in a year."

" Our research shows that; one person commits suicide; every 40 seconds."

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group's (Sadag) Director Casey Chambers; said; "The issue of people committing suicide is not talked about in most communities. This is because parents shy away from discussing it with their children."

"We find that parents are scared to discuss suicide with their children. They say they fear that this discussion will give ideas to their children. We want to make it known that people do commit suicide in South Africa. The phone calls from people who want to commit suicide; to our call centre for help; are increasing. Most callers are looking for help from our call centres." Said Chambers.

"In South Africa there are 23 people that commit suicide per day. There are 20 who try to commit suicide unsuccessfully; per day. The calls to our call centre increased exponentially since the Covid19 pandemic and lockdown period. The leading callers were women seeking help for themselves or others." Chambers continued.

"Although; men do not call our call centre; they are the ones who usually commit suicide. From January 2020; we have received 55 000 calls from people needing assistance." She said.

"Those on the urge of suicide usually talk about death and also try to commit suicide. Some wish to die and want to donate their valuables. Some drink alcohol a lot and some become addicted to drugs. Some do their farewells and send farewell messages on social networks and loved ones." Continued Chambers.

"The public should not ask those at risk difficult questions but direct questions and find out about their feelings." Concluded Casey Chambers.

For help to those who feel suicidal please contact:

0800 567 567; 24hrs number: 0800 456 789

or send an SMS to 31393 for assistance.

Or visit Sadag on to learn more about about what can be done if someone wants to commit suicide or shows signs of wanting to do so.

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Courtesy: Sadag website

Content created and supplied by: TingTong1105 (via Opera News )

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