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I love Bushiri but he is a fake prophet!

Controversial Malawian prophet Shepard Bushiri has been labelled by Solomon Ashoms as a fake prophet whom he loves so much.

Ashoms a Nigerian national who is into investigating and exposing fake prophets and pastors who abuse congregants claimed in an interview he is currently working with the Hawks on unearthing revelations of Bushiri which will lead to his eventual downfall. He has a history of exposing those who use places of worship wrongly.

Bushiri is accused of fabricating miracles using modern day technologies and is currently being investigated for money laundering and sexual offences in South Africa. Ashoms went on to allege that there is nothing godly in the deeds of Bushiri.

Bushiri is currently only conducting online sermons at his church due to the coronavirus which is not allowing his large congregation to gather. He commands a following of close to a hundred thousand in South Africa.

Shepard Bushiri gave out food parcels to the poor members of the community at the start of the lockdown as part of his ministries efforts towards eradicating poverty from members of the community.

Solomon Ashoms made these statements in an interview with Josey Majome and you can follow the link below to watch the full interview.

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