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New Covid 19 Vaccine developed for future use in SA

One Covid 19 Vaccine has been approved by authorities.The Orient Gene Biotech will be used for future Covid 19 cases in SA.

Three companies has won a case for distribution rights for Covid 19,the Covid 19 Ministerial Advisory Commitee has made recommendations on how to use the antibodies. A national testing algorithm of how the test will be used in Health departments will be announced by the Health department. Julsing Keyter has also said that the approved test kits meet all necessary requirements.The antibody test will not be available for self test but will have to be used for patients by a health professional.The doctor said the test kit provide information of whether or not a person has antibodies to fight against Covid 19. It us important to know if your body has antibodies to fight of Covid 19 or not.

If you know this information ,than you are immune to Covid 19 and can prevent yourself from contracting it in future.A Vaccine specialist said it was important to test different kinds of Vaccine ,to understand which one is working the best.

Wits University has start trail this week on whether adults have the antibodies to fight of the Virus. Groups of candidates will undergo the process of testing.

NVX CoV 2373 vaccine is being produced by US Biotechnology company Novavax.

This follow another of ChAdOx 1 -nCOV19 randomised control trail that already started in June.

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