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3 Ways of Weight Loss Before The Day of Labor.

You may have put on a little weight when living inside your home during the latest Coronavirus quarantine. Just before the forthcoming Labor Day holiday weekend, you may be trying to shed those summer pounds. Although it doesn't leave you with much time, it can be done, and in a healthy , safe manner.

"Wanting to do so quickly is normal for anyone trying to lose weight. However, faster doesn't always mean better, especially in this case," says Charlotte Martin, MS, RDN, CSOWM, CPT, a registered dietitian nutritionist and Charlotte's founder of Shaped. "The problem of attempting to lose weight so fast is that it often needs drastic, unhealthy steps, such as unnecessary diet and over-exercising. The following methods may be used to lose a healthy amount of weight in a short time."

As long as you set realistic goals and aspirations, you can lose weight in looking and feeling your best before Labor Day. And if after the end-of-summer holiday you want to keep your weight loss going, try these ways to loose weight and keep it off.

Start tracking your food and activity.

Weight loss diet plan

What's the one thing you can do for weight loss, but aren't it? Find the right amount of calories to match your metabolism. "The first way to losing weight by Labor Day is to consider your caloric intake. Record what you consume on a health app or write it down to set the target. Once you realize how many calories you take in every day so you will increase the daily caloric burn to meet the aim," says CJ Hammond, RSP Nutrition accredited XPS trainer. "You can even see your daily caloric burn by monitoring everything you do using a fitness app. I highly recommend through aerobic workouts to burn more calories every day.

Eat more protein.

high protein diet

"Protein is the most satiating macronutrient," says Martin. "Evidence indicates that raising protein intake, particularly in the morning with a high-protein breakfast, may increase calorie burning (because it takes more energy for the body to process protein than it does for fat and carbohydrates).

Drink Lots Of Water.

"Water is calorie-free and can also help to minimize calorie consumption when drunk before meals. It has been shown that consuming two cups of water before meals results in lower intakes during such meals," says Martin. "When you use it as a sugar-rich beverage replacement, the benefits of drinking water for weight loss are even greater. Bored of plain old water? Try fruit-infused water! Simply combine some still and/or sparkling water with your favorite fruits and herbs in a pitcher and refrigerate (for at least a few hours)." Here's how to make sure that while you're stuck at home you 're drinking enough water.

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