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Ramaphosa sends a warning to all South Africans

The President was speaking in Mpumalanga on Friday during an oversight visit to the country. In his speech, he gave a warning to all South Africans

Ràmaphosa warned that people should not stigmatised people with Corona virus or have previously been diagnosed with the disease. 

He stated that it was important that people who have been diagnosed presently or previously should not be made feel inferior or isolated from other people. 

The President stated that making people with Covid-19 feel inferior or isolating them will mean that they will not feel the need to tell those around them which leads to people not taking necessary measures to protect themselves. 

Regardless of whether you're around someone who had the virus or still has it, it is still important that people take necessary measures by wearing masks, sanitizing hands and washing hands. 

As the country reaches peak, more cases are expected. The country now has over 150 000 cases. The Health Minister had predicted things to get worse. In places such as Gauteng, stricter lockdown rules might be implemented to stop the spread.

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