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South African smartphone brand employed 65 young women.

Mobicel has launched a mobile assembly plant in South Africa, empowering 65 young black women as part of its first team.

As our unemployment rate is getting higher due to the covid-19 pandemic. The proudly south African smartphone brand Mobicel has managed to employ 65 young women at their assembly plant in South Africa. This is especially good news seeing that it is women's month and with women empowerment on the rise this makes the smartphone company a step ahead in South Africa.

South Africa can be proud of this step because while many are losing their work recently this brings some good hope to some of South Africa's young women.

The company has officially been endorsed as a Proudly South African company and intends to grow the assembly plant team with an additional 50 women over the next few months, it said in a statement on Thursday. The move comes in an attempt to address the dire unemployment crisis in the country, which has especially impacted women and youth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here is what the CEO Ridhwan Khan of the smartphone company Mobicel had to say about this fantastic movement.

Founder and CEO, Ridhwan Khan, said that since the beginning, their goal was to bring the "assembly plant home to South Africa". Bringing our assembly plant home to South Africa has been our vision since we started our own brand and when the moment arrived, we felt it had to be celebrated with our appreciation of the role that women play in building our society. Empowering young people has always been our strength. Promoting gender equality and building up the skills of black women has been the development agenda of our country since democracy," Khan said. He added: "By focusing on employing young women, we at Mobicel are equipping them with the tools to make their own choices for active participation in the economy. In a society where women still face discrimination in their access to the labour market, we are doing our part to bridge the divide."

He added that the company was "honoured" to be part of the Proudly South African brand and fully endorsed the "buy local" campaign.

"Through our focus to do business responsibly as a 100% black-owned and managed company, we are keenly aware of our social responsibility to give back to society, particularly at this time in history whilst sticking to what we know best, which is connecting people." CEO of Proudly South African, Eustace Mashimbye, also welcomed the company. "We are delighted to have Mobicel on board as they are demonstrating job creation in a high-tech environment and showing that the country can manufacture highly sophisticated smart technology here on home soil," Mashimbye said. The operation will be based in Johannesburg, with an in-house assembly line, a repair centre, a call centre and a help line, in addition to an extensive distribution network.

All South Africa's should support this movement and be exited about this because we need this in our country, we can be proud of this. Thanks to Mobicel more women will have work and be able to supply to their families.

Mobicel also offers a good quality smartphone with prices starting for as little as R399 a smartphone.

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