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UIF : Some good news from the fund despite the temporary suspension of payments

A few days ago,the Unemployment Insurance Fund , in association with the Department of Employment and Labour, announced that it had temporarily halted payments for the COVID-19 TERS relief benefits.The halt will be lifted after the fund addresses the system control concerns which were arisen by the Auditor-General.


The good news about this temporary halt , according to the UIF, is that it will not only help the fund in dealing with the gaps that were identified by the AG , but it will also ensure the realisation of the opportunity to ensure that the improvements that had already been identified by the management get full implementation. 

The Auditor General’s report earlier this month , according to the SA Government news agency cast the spotlight on the payment o TERS and social grants that were introduced to provide economic relief to the various classes of people.

The Auditor General's report revealed that the new system that was implemented for TERS incorrectly made calculations for the benefits for the first lockdown period between the 27th of March and the 30th of April .It happened so because it did not take into consideration the actual period of inactivity and the portion of the salaries that were paid by employers, which led to overpayments.

However , the UIF made a committment of taking several steps that seek to address the systemic challenges concerning payments.This includes entering into Memoranda of Understanding with various government institutions that will ensure that the fund gets access into their updated databases, reported the agency.

Names of such institutions include ;

● South African Social Security Agency

● National Students Financial Aid Scheme

● Department of Home Affairs


● The fund has updated the system to make sure that the bank verification happens at a faster pace , including verifications for schools and non-governmental organisations.

● There is promise that the fund is working around the clock to ensure improvements in its Covid-19 TERS application portal so that it becomes a self-service portal that is user friendly for employers and employees.

The Acting Commissioner Bronkhorst showed positivity that the system would be up and ready to assist workers as soon as possible in order to provide relief,especially to those who are still under lockdown financially .

He said that the moment the improvements get finalised, the fund will be in a position to ensure that workers in South Africa are provided relief to ensure that their lives are easier.

Source: SA Government news agency


Content created and supplied by: Kukizi (via Opera News )

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