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New Covid-19 Vaccine Trial To Be Launched In South Africa This Week

With 2900 volunteers, a United Stated developed vaccine called NVX-CoV2373 by a company called Novavax will be launched in South Africa today. Volunteers will be getting the vaccine in two doses, three weeks apart during the clinical trial

Professor of Vaccinology Shabir Mahd at University of the Witwatersrand explained that as South Africa accounts for 20 percent of the global HIV infections, 240 medically fit volunteers will also take part in the Clinical trial.

The clinical trial is supported by the Bill And Melinda Gates foundation with a 15 million dollars grant. Professor Mahdi will be leading the clinical trial.

President Of Research And Development at Novavax, George M. Glenn, ssys that as South Africa is in the winter surge of Coronavirus, the clinical trial has the potential to be successful in conjunction with safety and immunogenicity data of the developed vaccine.

Glenn continued to say that the company is grateful for the support of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CEPI and the collaboration it has with Wits University by working hand in hand with them to deliver a safe vaccine around the world.

Shouldn't any country that wants to test a vaccine start the tests at its home country? Why Africa? This is a second vaccine trial after the first one was launched in June. South Africa has become a country of vaccine trials.

South Africa already has a recovery rate of over 90 percent. Well, maybe this would be a proven vaccine that has the ability to save millions of lives. Bill gates is trying by all means to make sure it will be no one else but him who will provide a vaccine in South Africa.

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