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US Company To Begin 2nd Phase Drug Test In SA. Shows That SA Is A Testing RANGE.

A US based vaccine development company is set to begin it's second phase of human testing for its corona vaccine in South Africa, which is in the midst of a surge in corona virus testing.

Novavax said in a statement that a clinical trial will include 2 665 healthy adults with HIV whose immune responses may differ from those who dont have it. Preliminary findings from the first trial showed people receiving the two doses generated from neutralizing anti-bodies , which can prevent the virus from entering cells , after receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

Along with eveluating immune response in the phase 2b trial in South Africa . The same company will introduce 2nd phase in the US as well. And Australia will follow in the near future.

In Navavax statement Dr Gregory John , president of research and development at Navavax said South Africa's surge in covid 19 cases lends importance on phase 2b clinical trial , with the potential to provide an early indication of efficiency, along with additional safety and immunogenicity data for the vaccine.

South Africa is the fifth most affected country world wide, with more than 583 000 cases and more than 11 600 deaths. Navavax said the trial in SA is made possible in part by a $15 million grant from Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation.

The coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations is providing funds to manufacture doses of the vaccine required for the trial. Last month US government awarded Nanavax a $1.6 billion contract to cover testing and development of a vaccine for the virus in the United States , with a goal of producing 100 million doses by January.

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