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The COVID-19 Virus can Stay Airborne for up to 8 hours

The WHO's official guidance on the matter is the virus moves from person to person via "small droplets" that are expelled when a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or speaks. These droplets are too heavy to travel great distances, sinking quickly to the ground. Also, it states the virus can be picked up from surfaces. That's why hand-washing and social distancing are important to help curb the spread. It’s not clear why diplomats say the pneumonia is unknown, as Kazakhstani officials have previously said simply that the country is in the midst of a pneumonia epidemic on top of the tens of thousands of coronavirus infections. Finally, there are mild cases of COVID-19, in which an infected person might show acute symptoms, such as a light cough, some mild body aches or other symptoms typical of the common cold. These people may never know they have COVID-19 because their symptoms aren't severe enough to warrant a test, thus they never receive a diagnosis. 

"Younger people are at lower risk for serious COVID outcomes but are disproportionately responsible for asymptomatic transmission," says Galvani, who published a study earlier this week that found the majority of COVID-19 transmission is from silent carriers who are pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic. Mandatory mask-wearing would be a valuable addition to this distancing regime because masks reduce the chance of inadvertent spread from people who aren't sick, but are shedding the coronavirus.

We got away without masks in the first phase because, to the credit of the states and territories, they never had much community spread. The numbers may be higher in part because more hospitals are reporting their COVID-19 patient numbers than before, but that’s not enough to account for the growth

Litter will not have been exposed to cleaning products and will have other people's germs on it. So, leaving it for someone else to pick up could put other people at risk.

We also contacted the Government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to find out how people can stay safe if they are litter picking.


Some of the upticks are expected as the state opens its economy, and the summer tourist season could bring more cases too, particularly among visitors from states experiencing dramatic coronavirus spikes.

A vaccine for Covid-19 would provide relief. Vaccines strengthen the body’s natural defences, lowering the risk of infection and transmission. This curbs the need for entry restrictions travel bubbles or virus tests altogether. But finding a vaccine isn’t easy. Antidotes to some life-threatening illnesses like HIV and malaria have remained elusive despite decades of research.

What we don’t know is, even though this was a very small number that looked like they transmitted, were they transmitting a virus or were they only detecting either evidence of antibodies in the baby, antibodies from the mom to the baby, or viral genetic material, but not necessarily live virus itself. Many patients arriving at the hospital’s emergency room are in critical condition and need immediate support to breathe. All six beds are currently occupied in the intensive care unit, where patients in severe respiratory distress receive around-the-clock care, dependent on black and red oxygen cylinders that need to be changed every three hours.

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