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It Is Not The Responsibility Of The Unvaccinated To Protect The Vaccinated, That's The Vaccines Job

The battle between the vaccinated and unvaccinated continues, we have witnessed the division where the vaccinated are feeling special to a certain point and also experience the fortune of the vaccinated in work places than of those qho did not, truth is that we are all forced to vaccinate, in order to be employed or to keep your job you have to vaccinate, it has become an indirect compulsory mission.

Nna I say to employers request PCR once a week from non only R850 and everyone will be safe. Don’t kill me is the same as those who didn’t and now we have all coalitions that won’t server the citizens.

Once jabbed the vaccine has to take care of you not fighting with non vaxxed. We must decide on our own to take the jab or not not to be corced/ forced. Phansi mama leaders forcing us to get jabbed.I am a Covid19 antivaxer. No one has ever said unvaccinated people are a threat. Unvaccinated people strain our health systems and as result push us into harder lockdowns.

I always tell people that I'm not anti-vaccines but I prefer certain vaccines and sputnik is one of them. Is that a crime ? Unfortunately we are blubbing like fools because we don't even know the difference between these vaccines except where they come from. She's correct, bs excuses about increased risk exposure to hiv and other nonsense is what's being used to single out sputnik. 

Two BRICS countries produce none mRNA shots yet we are overwhelmed with western pharmaceutical remedies which make billions for owners etc. And you expect people to take vaccine, there's too much unnecessary politics here, what's the purpose entlik?, is it to make money or help people, But Russians themselves don't trust it and almost 80% not vaccinated so if she want it she is free to go go and get it in Russia we don't need rubbish here.

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Nna Phansi


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