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"So Ramaphosa Will Let Zimbabweans Take Our Jobs?" This Men Drops A Dramatic Bombshell || See Why



it has now been months since the country has been singing that the people of South Africa must be treated better than illegal immigrants. This is because a lot of illegal immigrants have been running away with crimes that people of South Africa are arrested for.

This is a very shaming disaster for the country as South Africans have to pay a ransom to a political officer to ensure that their crimes are rubbed away. This has now been proven to be the only way to tackle crimes away as those who can afford to pay off or to bribe an official will be treated with care and love.

"So Ramaphosa will let Zimbabweans take our jobs" this has been a narrative for quite some time and nothing tangible has been implemented. This can be said that the government is either treating foreigners based on the fact that some of the freedom fighters during the apartheid days fled to foreign countries for their safety.

This was because when they were in foreign countries they were treated the same way as to how foreigners are treated in South Africa. This is what continues to confuse people as to why would the South African government say nothing about illegal immigrants as they are busy protecting them and allowing them to have a better living than what they experienced in their country.

The worse part about this is that they continue to put pressure on the lives of those who are born and fed in this country. This is because more illegal immigrants are employed to occupy the skills South Africans have as more job opportunities are handed over to Zimbabweans.

This can be said that Zimbabweans don't care about getting a better job as all they want is to survive and they use any chance they have to always do what is best for them.

What is your intake on this and why?

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