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Nanny gets paid R1K from her R3K salary: This employer is heartless, see the deductions

Being a nanny or a house helper is a rewarding job, you get to watch a child growing real time, support them. A nanny is basically taking the place of a mother, they love and understand children they are taking care of.

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In addition to childcare some nannies also jungle other household management duties such as taking care of the house, preparing meals for the children, making homemade baby food, stuck the home with essentials, maintaining the pool and always making sure that they keep the house clean.

However the big question is? Do you provide food for your nanny or your housekeeper? With reality and this is no Norm weather and employer should provide food for the housekeeper or not.

Some people would provide food because it is the polite thing to do some provide meals or tells the housekeeper to help themselves or do get anything from the fridge if they get hungry. Some would encourage their housekeepers to make their own lunch using their own groceries.

I think I took a huge turn, when it is a month end and this housekeeper was excited on receiving his first payment only to discover and that from her small R3000 salary, she only got paid R1000 of the salary.

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Emotionally she took it to social media to express his feelings, Mzansi left in shock when they learnt that from the deductions list this are the items at that were deducted.

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On the income and expenditure statement these are the items that were deducted from the salary. They include Oreo, roll on, Twinkies bread, muffin, cupcakes, meat pie, jelly babies, transport money, temporary worker and the container that sheet hook the last time when she went off. All of this costs her R2,112.

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Communication with your employer can be one of the biggest challenges and this housekeeper job, especially when it involves a sleepover. Communication should be a priority on to do's and not what to do on someone's house.



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